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Coating Solution Provider

Founded in 1993, Naisi teams up 220 staffs, more than 50 engineers and QC technicians. It covers a land ranging 71,000 square meters, with 50,000 squares meters area for running production and office works. Equipped with an updated HVAC which can operate fresh air supplying, filtering , heating ,humidifying& dehumidifying, the new workshop has 12 production lines for running extrusion coating, 30 sets of slitter, 3 sets of slot die PE coating. Maximum width for extrusion coating line can up to 3.2 m, slot die PE coating can up to 5.4m.Fixed assets exceed 100 million RMB.

Continuous Inform and Innovation

In recent years, Naisi is committed to reform and innovation on product transformation and upgrading. A variety of Eco-friendly products have been developed and put into mass production.

High Accredited Products and Certification

Naisi Digital has been accredited with ISO,Reach, Rohas and CE certifications etc. and has won multiple national and provincial awards for technology innovations .

It has been registered by Latex developer of HP and its Indigo Media has been certified by HP Indigo.
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This product is made of Polypropylene(PP) knitted fabric coated by the POE from Mitsui,which is the best replacement of ...
After five years of research, Naisi successfully developed the recyclable Eco-friendly Polyolefin tarpaulin, which perfo...
Every year millions of banners are printed, used for a period and then discarded, filling landfills with millions of cub...
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